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 Gold Standard Complete GAMSAT Preparation Courses

The Only GAMSAT Prep Course You Need

The Gold Standard GAMSAT is the first company to publish a GAMSAT textbook, the first company to complete worked solutions for all of ACER's GAMSAT practice materials (and then we made them available on YouTube for free), and we are the first to provide live GAMSAT courses on campuses across Australia, and in the UK and Ireland. Currently, we can offer you 3 complete GAMSAT courses which will teach and challenge students from both science and non-science backgrounds alike. These 3 brand new edition GAMSAT courses and multimedia materials start from the very beginning in all sections of the exam and we use clear and engaging teaching right up to GAMSAT level. Learn from our experience.

Here are the Gold Standard GAMSAT courses' 3 options which you can choose based on your needs and budget:

Gold Standard GAMSAT: Learn from our experience.

GAMSAT Preparation Home Study Course: Australia, Ireland, UK

Dispatch within 48 hours from Sydney, London, NY. Delivery in less than 1 week to Australia, Ireland, the UK, US. We ship worldwide.


This Package offers clear teaching and reviews all of the topics that ACER requires you to know for the GAMSAT (science, verbal and written). Plus you get a bonus GAMSAT online video that gives specific advice for the different sections of the GAMSAT while also discussing how the different parts of this package work together to help you get the score you are looking for.

Includes: The new 2016-2017 Ed. Gold Standard GAMSAT textbook, hardcover in full color which includes a complete review including a math section, over 1000 worked practice problems and 3 full-length GAMSAT practice tests with scaled scores and worked solutions: 1 paper test in the book (GS-1) and our new bonus: 2 practice tests online (GS-2 and GS-3); The Silver Bullet High Yield MP3s; The Gold Standard Flashcards; special bonus online video: Live Seminar given by Dr. Ferdinand (author of The Gold Standard) giving amazing advice for Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3 (filmed in Australia); and the complete 70+ hour online Science Lecture Series, designed for the MCAT and, fortunately, contains all the most tested GAMSAT science topics. This newest edition covers: Physics, Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. The teaching is like having a personal tutor. And our final and newest bonus: The Gold Standard Medical School Interview online video + MMI. In summary, you will receive a comprehensive textbook with online access card, online science videos, audio MP3s and flashcards. Online access begins instantly after payment and continues until the next sitting of GAMSAT Australia. Free shipping by courier to Australia, Ireland, the UK, Canada and the US.

The total price of this Home Study Course is approximately $699 but we are currently offering these materials on special for $100 less than the suggested retail price of this course's components.

Dispatch from Sydney, London & US
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Our Price: $599
You Save: $100

Here is the GAMSAT Section 3 topic by topic index for online science review videos:

BIOLOGY - Introduction, The Eukaryotic Cell, Plasma Membrane, The Cell's Interior, DNA, The Cell Cycle, Protein Synthesis; Viruses, Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes, Bioenergetics, The Neuron, The Nervous System, The Endocrine System I, The Endocrine System II; The Menstrual Cycle, The Circulatory System, Blood Composition, Lymphatic and Immune Systems, The Digestive System I, The Digestive System II; The Excretory System I, The Excretory System II, Gametogenesis (Meiosis), Genetics I, Genetics II, Genetics III, Genetics IV, Genetics V

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY - Stereochemistry I, Stereochemistry II, Stereochemistry III, Reaction Mechanisms I, Reaction Mechanisms II, Reaction Mechanisms III, The Carbonyl Group I, The Carbonyl Group II; The Carbonyl Group III, Acetals/Ketals I, Acetals/Ketals II, Substitution I, Substitution II, Substitution III, Carboxylic Acids I, Carboxylic Acids II; The Tetrahedryl Intermediate, Amides, Amino Acids, Protein Structure, Elimination I, Elimination II, Alkenes I, Free Radicals, Redox Reactions; Redox Reactions II, Redox Reactions III, Aromatic Rings I, Aromatic Rings II, Spectroscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Elimination vs. Substitution

GENERAL CHEMISTRY - The Atom, The Periodic Table, Chemical Bonds, Hydrogen Bonds, Ionic and Covalent Bonds, Lewis Dot Structures; Multiple Bonds, Resonance, Molecular Polarity, Hybridization, Hybrid Orbitals, Gases, Avogadro's Law, Equation of State, Graham's Law, Liquids, Maxwell's Distribution Plot; Boiling, Melting Points, Le Chatelier's Principle, Solutions, Phase Diagrams, Raoult's Law, Boiling, Freezing Point Changes, Acids and Bases, Acids and Bases: Strong, Acids and Bases: Weak, Titrations; Oxidation Numbers, Solubility Product, Thermochemistry, Calorimetry, Thermodynamics, Hess's Law, Rate Law, Energy Diagrams, Electrolysis, Electrochemical Cell

PHYSICS - The Atom, Nuclear Reactions, Radioactive Decay and Half-Life, Electricity vs. Gravity, Electric Circuits I, Electric Circuits II, Electric Circuits III, Kirchoff's Laws, Kirchoff's Second Law; Characteristics of Waves; Interference Of Waves; Diffraction; Optics; Sound; Doppler Effect; Electromagnetism; Electromagnetic Spectrum; Reflection; Refraction, Thin Lens; Snell's Law; The Critical Angle, Force and Motion, Weight and Units, Friction, Applying Newton's Laws, Trigonometry, Projectile Motion, Work, Circular Motion; Circular Motion Problem, Work-Energy Theorem, Energy and Entropy, Momentum, Law of Torques, Fluids, Fluids in Motion, Archimedes' Principle

Complete GAMSAT Course - The Platinum Package

Gold Standard Complete GAMSAT Course including Course Materials and Personal Help
Category: Full Programs
Textbook, MP3s, Online Science Videos and Interactive Online Courses
  • Home Study Course ($599) with Section 1: tips/strategies + over 20 mini-tests ($349) + Section 2: 8 of your essays corrected ($199) + Section 3: 70+ hours of online videos + 2 more Gold Standard (GS-5 and GS-6) full-length practice tests with worked solutions ($140) + our new bonus: 5 full-length GAMSAT practice papers by PrepGenie for a total of 10 full-length GAMSAT practice tests + the abbreviated exam GS-Free.
  • Besides providing you with a study plan, this Complete GAMSAT Course includes personalised comments and tips for your corrected essays and an online forum with a discussion thread for each of the over 4500+ practice problems with worked solutions so that you are never left in the dark about a problem (these practice problems include chapter review questions, mini-tests and full-length practice tests). You will not require any other books, notes or materials to prepare for the GAMSAT save ACER's practice booklets which are only available separately from ACER.
  • Online access begins instantly after payment and continues until the next sitting of GAMSAT Australia. Postage is free to Australia, Ireland and the UK. Dispatch within 48 hours. Free bonus: Gold Standard Medical School Interview online video (see below for a video clip from YouTube).
*For International Shipping, please click here
Our Price: $1200
You Save: $150

Complete GAMSAT Course - The Platinum Package

Get ALL of the features described above PLUS live interactive seminars with a GAMSAT expert, and more:
Category: Full Programs
Textbook, MP3s, Online Science Videos , Live and Interactive Online Courses
  • Section 3 (science) 3-Day Live Review with the author of The Gold Standard (24 h)
  • 3-Day Full-Length Practice GAMSAT Test with Interactive Review of Solutions (21 h)
  • New bonus: For the first time, we are adding an additional practice exam date (7 h)
  • 11 exams (total) including 10 full-length GAMSAT practice tests + GS-Free
  • 16 Essays Corrected (total) with Personal Comments and Guidance
  • Instant online access and you'll receive all course materials within a few days
  • Choose to attend the 7 full days of Live Courses within 2 years of your purchase
  • Another bonus: Gold Standard GAMSAT Smartphone Apps (iPhone or Android, your choice)
  • GAMSAT Score Guarantee: get the score you want or repeat online access for free
  • Your Guarantee also permits you to complete your 16 essays within 2 years if needed
Complete GAMSAT Course including Live Classes, All Course Materials and Online Features
Our Price: $1999
You Save:$600
London - Imperial College August 21-22 and August 24-25, 2017
Bonus Study Session: August 23, 2017
Dublin - NCI
January 8, 9, 10 and January 11, 12, 2018
Bonus Session: March 10 (NCI)
Perth - UWA
January 20, 21, 22 and January 23, 24, 25, 2018
Bonus Session: March 10 (UWA)
Adelaide - UA
January 27, 28, 29 and January 30, 31, 2018
Feb 10 (Sat) options: live online or attendance in Sydney
Bonus Session: March 10 (UA)
Brisbane - UQ
February 2, 3, 4 and February 23, 24, 25, 2018
Bonus Session: March 10 (UQ)
Sydney - USyd
February 5, 6, 7 and February 8, 9, 10, 2018
Bonus Session: March 10 (USyd)
Melbourne - UM
February 12, 13, 14 and February 15, 16, 17, 2018
Bonus Session: March 10 (UM)

Shipping is fast and free to Australia, Ireland, the UK and the US. Any package over $500 includes the following bonuses: Medical School Interview Medical School Interview online video and small group teaching session either online or in class (Brisbane • Sydney • Melbourne • Adelaide • Perth • London • Dublin • Perth). You can see clips of your free Medical School Interview video below. Note that Dr. Ferdinand continues to teach our Gold Standard live GAMSAT courses on a campus near you.

To learn more about this video, click here: Medical School Interview Video. Learn more about our courses and teaching on YouTube: GAMSAT, Medical School Interview.
If you wish to attend live courses ONLY, click below:

GAMSAT Courses Sydney
GAMSAT Courses Melbourne
GAMSAT Courses Adelaide
GAMSAT Courses Brisbane
GAMSAT Courses Perth
GAMSAT Courses Dublin
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Gold Standard Complete GAMSAT Preparation Courses

GAMSAT Preparation Home Study Course: Australia, UK, Ireland

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