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 GAMSAT Scores Australia UK Ireland

The GAMSAT Scoring System

The GAMSAT is comprised of three sections. Each section is scored individually. To yield a raw score, the sections with multiple choice questions are first scored right or wrong. Answering all questions is highly advised since wrong answers and unanswered questions have the same worth.

The GAMSAT has a scoring system all its own. The raw score is converted to a standard score, scaled from 0 to 100 on a ten-point interval. These scaled scores are different from percentiles or percentage marks. The conversion seeks to ensure that test sections have the same proportion every year.

Each section – Section I (Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences), Section II (Written Communication) and Section III (Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences) – will give you a score. The weighted average of the three sections constitutes your Overall GAMSAT Score.

The following formula helps you compute for your Overall GAMSAT Score:

GAMSAT Score Formula

For Section II, two main criteria apply: Thought and Content and Organisation and Expression. The Thought and Content criterion evaluates the thought quality of an essay while Organisation and Expression examines students' ability to control language particularly in the areas of grammar and expression. Each writing piece will be evaluated based on three independent raters from each zone.

Candidates will be notified via email whenever test results are ready.

Admissions or interview standards vary. In certain schools, Sectional Scores and the Overall GAMSAT Score have different cutoffs with the latter being significantly higher. Individual programmes adopt different standards so for more information on specific requirements, you may visit their respective websites or contact them directly. You may also go through the links below for a summary of minimum GAMSAT scores and GPA cutoffs.

A few questions in the GAMSAT may not be included in the scoring system for the purpose of calibrating the exam or due to ambiguity or difficulty in counting. They may also serve as trial questions for future use. Now if you happen to see oddball questions then take it easy and do not panic for they may be trial questions. Still, always strive to answer each question. Increase your chances of getting correct answers instead of leaving questions unanswered and earning no mark at all.

GAMSAT Scores Coverage

GAMSAT scores can be used to apply to a university in Australia, the United Kingdom or Ireland. Your scores will still be considered for admissions as long as you applied within two years from the date you sat through the GAMSAT. Because GAMSAT scores remain valid for two consecutive years, this means your GAMSAT UK 2015 results will continue in force and effect until 2016. You can apply for UK graduate-entry programmes that will start out in 2015 or 2016.

Candidates may sit the GAMSAT any number of times. There is no limitation. Sitting the exam twice in a year is also acceptable, so candidates may sit GAMSAT Australia for the first half of the year and GAMSAT UK during the second half. The same format will apply for tests scheduled on various dates but questions will generally differ. You can sit GAMSAT UK at both UK and Melbourne, Australia.

For more information on average GAMSAT scores and/or cutoff grades, you may visit Australian Medical Schools, UK Medical Schools, Irish Medical Schools.

Classification of GAMSAT Scores

How do you differentiate an average GAMSAT score from good and high GAMSAT scores? Please take a look at the table below:

Score Percentile Score
56-58 50th average
61-63 75th usually good*
73 or higher 98th very high

A score between 56 and 58 is often considered an average GAMSAT score. A score of 65 and beyond is a high GAMSAT score, while usually good GAMSAT scores are between 61 and 63. Getting a score of over 80 is rather rare. Only 0.1 percent of students are able to reach this score threshold.

However, medical schools have different admission standards so it would be best to consult the academic institution of your preference to ensure your score is good enough for admittance.

Disclaimer: Information gathered in this page aim to provide you with an overview of the GAMSAT scoring process. Scores may vary in every exam sitting. Raw scores cannot be converted into official GAMSAT scores since there is currently no available conversion formula.

GAMSAT Scores Release Date

The next GAMSAT Ireland and GAMSAT Australia test schedule will be in March 19, 2016. The next exam date for GAMSAT UK will be on September 2016. GAMSAT results are released 2 months from the date of examination. Candidates will receive an email notification once results are available. For the latest updates, visit GAMSAT UK, GAMSAT Ireland and GAMSAT Australia.

All pieces of information above are extracted with consent from The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook. Click through GAMSAT books to know more about GAMSAT books, live courses, DVDs or the Complete Review Package.

GAMSAT Test Centres

Testing centres for GAMSAT Australia are located in every capital city (Brisbane • Canberra • Darwin • Hobart • Melbourne • Perth • Sydney) in addition to one in Townsville. There is also a test centre in Wellington, New Zealand.

GAMSAT UK test centres are in the cities of Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, London and Sheffield. Candidates can sit GAMSAT UK if they apply to a medical school they apply that accepts GAMSAT in Australia, Ireland or UK.

GAMSAT Ireland test centres are in Cork, Dublin and Limerick. International test centres outside Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and UK are located in Singapore and Washington, DC in the United States.

Keep in mind that test centres have limited space and allocation is on a first come basis. Please register early so a seat can be reserved for you at your chosen centre. The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) will schedule your exam at the nearest available testing centre should your preferred test centre be unable to accommodate you.

No GAMSAT test centers are available in Africa and the rest of Asia, America or Europe except for the aforementioned test centres. Please email ACER directly or check out their website for GAMSAT-related queries and concerns.

Free GAMSAT Practice Test

To make your GAMSAT prep experience more expedient, we created a free sample test with instant online access. This free GAMSAT test merges actual GAMSAT questions with online practice test features. Automated scoring of multiple choice sections, an hour's worth of science review videos and worked solutions with forum links are some of the perks you will receive if you register for a Free GAMSAT Practice Test.

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GAMSAT Scores Australia, UK and Ireland

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