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 The Completely Revised Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbooks

The Gold Standard GAMSAT Preparation Textbooks
(Australia, Ireland, UK)

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Section 1, Section 2 & Full-length Practice


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Maths, Physics & General Chemistry


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Organic Chemistry & Biology


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  Dr. Brett Ferdinand MD
  Category: GAMSAT Books
  3 Softcover Books: 1312 pages (total); 2018-2019 Edition

The 1st GAMSAT textbook ever, just got much better! Our 2018-2019 Edition books (1312 pages; 3.5 kg) have new GAMSAT-style practice questions, more diagrams and illustrations, and the one textbook is now three to make transporting it to the library more convenient! Completely revised with plenty of new content and each book contains an online access card with more video access than previous editions.

  • Heaps of new Section 1 and 2 strategies with practice questions; new logs and graph analysis sections; science taught from the basics up to GAMSAT level; over 1200 MCQs with helpful, worked answers; and the best GAMSAT practice test we have ever constructed.
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Book Description

No science background in university? Great in the sciences but little experience reading from the humanities or writing essays? Had a bad experience with a high school physics teacher? Full time arts student? Full time mom? Part time job? It's OK. The Gold Standard has you covered. This is not just a textbook, it is a learning experience. The Gold Standard has integrated textbook reading with many free features including online problem solving with explanations, essays for you to review in the books and online, hours of online teaching videos with ideas presented in clear terms, online equation lists and organic reaction summary, hundreds of additional practice questions with a forum thread to discuss every individual question - for free - and much more.

We also offer the Gold Standard GAMSAT online videos with helpful strategies for all test sections. The latter also includes many science review videos prepared for the MCAT and, thankfully, contain all the major GAMSAT science topics clearly explained; and to increase study efficiency: flashcards, MP3s and an iPhone application. The flashcards and iPhone App point to which section in the book you can find more details. The videos and the explanations to the practice tests also point to specific sections of the book should you require clarification. A multimedia integrated approach so you can choose the tools that help you study best. The Gold Standard GAMSAT textbooks stand at the center.

About the Author

Dr. Ferdinand has been giving live GAMSAT seminars for premed students since 2009 at all major Australian cities (USyd, UWA, UM, UQ, UA). He has a deep understanding of standardized tests and the basic sciences. He is a former surgeon with extensive knowledge of the MCAT because he sat the exam, he teaches undergraduate students and he has written about the MCAT for over 20 years. He has written the #1 text fully updated for the MCAT: The Gold Standard MCAT published by RuveneCo. He also wrote the first ever GAMSAT textbook which was named 2013 International Book Awards Winner in the Education/Academic Category. Dr. Ferdinand also teaches in DVDs covering MCAT Biology, Physics, General and Organic Chemistry which are quite popular science review videos among GAMSAT students.

Product Details

  • 3 Softcover Books: 1312 pages (total)
  • Publisher: RuveneCo Inc.
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 27.7 x 22.1 x 2.4 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Publication Date: 2017

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