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 Complete GAMSAT Preparation Courses

The MP3 of The Silver Bullet Audio Cassettes
 The Silver Bullet High Yield Science Review (Section 3) MP3 
  RuveneCo Inc.
  Category: GAMSAT Audio
  MP3 files

Fully updated MP3 of the well known Silver Bullet
  Audio Cassettes.

Contains high yield Physics, Biology, General and Organic
This audio MP3 is a source of review for major points and is   best used for repetition.
Improve your chances of getting into medical school!

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Item Description

The Silver Bullet High Yield GAMSAT Audio MP3 is designed to increase study efficiency. This 4 hour MP3 was not prepared to be used as a source to take notes from, since everything is already contained in The Gold Standard. It is a source of review for major points and is best used for repetition (i.e. in an iPod, MP3 player or car stereo on the way to school, etc.) Many students have had the experience of hearing a song first thing in the morning and then having a difficult time forgetting it during the day. Now you can get ahead in your GAMSAT preparation by letting "PV=nRT" be the "song" which wakes you every morning.

Product Details

  • Publisher: RuveneCo, Inc.; MP3
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0-9866915-5-3

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Complete GAMSAT Preparation Courses

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