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GAMSAT Test Preparation Courses and Materials

GAMSAT Test Prep to get the score you need...

Gold Standard

The best GAMSAT test preparation materials and courses for the new digital exam just got better!
Your updated package includes the incredible 15 Full-length Practice Tests paperback book and the fully-updated, 2023-2024 Masters Series GAMSAT paperbacks or eBooks with many all-new features.

The 2023-2024 New Masters Series GAMSAT Books

Get the new 2023-2024 Masters Series paperback book set which now includes over 300 teaching videos. Practice with an unprecedented 15 Full-length Practice Tests, and get free delivery across Australia, the UK and Ireland. Despatch from Sydney and London. Start your GAMSAT preparation today! Option: eBooks or online practice tests, instant access.
The Gold Standard GAMSAT books are also in bookshops and libraries near you.

New Complete and Blended GAMSAT Test Preparation Course and Materials by Gold Standard

Gold Standard

Join our 2024 blended GAMSAT test preparation courses across Australia, the UK and Ireland. Get excited about learning again.

Sydney • Melbourne • Brisbane • Adelaide • Perth • London • Ireland

Gold Standard
GAMSAT Packages
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Live and interactive tutorials,
all 7 paperback books, 16 of your essays corrected, over 300 videos, apps and more...

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Online Course with Question Bank

GAMSAT practice questions and answers to sharpen your test-taking skills!

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17 Full-length Mock Exams with Helpful Worked Solutions
Click for: 17 Full-length Mock Exams

17 Full-length Mock Exams
with Helpful Worked Solutions

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GAMSAT Tutorial Online
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Live tutorials
on consecutive Sundays leading up to the September and March exams

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Blended GAMSAT course: Live Online; option for On-campus Virtual Reality Mock Exams

Australia: USydUMUQUWAAU
Europe: NCI (Dublin)Imperial College (London)
Choose the city where you wish to attend your on-campus virtual reality mock exams:

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