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GAMSAT Complete Courses
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The best GAMSAT course in Adelaide: The Platinum Package is multimedia and blended with live and interactive features

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The best GAMSAT Course Materials
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Online GAMSAT Course with Question Bank: Strategies,
All Subjects Covered, Instant Online Access

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GAMSAT Tutorial Online
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Live tutorials
on consecutive Sundays leading up to the September and March exams

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15 Full-length Mock Exams with Helpful Worked Solutions
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15 Full-length mock exams
with helpful worked solutions
can be the cornerstone to your GAMSAT preparation!

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GAMSAT Courses Adelaide

GAMSAT courses Adelaide by Gold Standard have been successfully taught on campus for over 10 years! Access that experience through lectures recorded at the RMH, Melbourne, weekly online tutorials, 2023-2024 paperback books, the GS Video Library, and much more!

Highest Google rating

Gold Standard has the highest Google rating among all GAMSAT courses. Read genuine student opinions: Google Reviews

GAMSAT Masters Series 2023-2024

Get all six 2023-2024 Masters Series GAMSAT paperback books: The most up-to-date content available for the new digital GAMSAT (the next update will be in 2025)!

Online, Weekly Tutorials

Attend interactive live online tutorials on weekends until the September GAMSAT: June 9 - September 1, 2024. The March 2025 GAMSAT preparation tutorials TBD

GAMSAT Video Library: Simply, the Best!

Gold Standard’s GAMSAT Video Library: Over 300+ videos with helpful, clear teaching from introductory-level to GAMSAT-level, the largest collection of GAMSAT videos ever assembled!

Realistic GAMSAT Practice Tests

15 Full-length GAMSAT practice tests: More than any other company! Both the extended and the new digital 2023-2024 formats; HEAPS paperback book, online practice tests which you can sit at home at your convenience or with an online proctor.

New digital GAMSAT format

Sit 2 full-length, Virtual Reality (VR) mock exams with the new digital GAMSAT 2023-2024 format online: VR-1: August 17 and 18, 2024; VR-2: August 24 and 25, 2024. On the Sunday following each exam, there will be a live, interactive online tutorial.

Over 6000 practice questions

Start practicing with over 6000 practice questions with helpful worked solutions and interactive discussion boards! Audio files (MP3), apps, detailed study schedules, and more!

Essays professionally corrected

16 of your essays professionally corrected and returned to you with GAMSAT scores and helpful comments!

Gold Standard GAMSAT Courses: Adelaide

Get excited about your GAMSAT preparation. Learn, revise and practice.

The most practice questions (6000+), the most videos (300+), the most full-length mock exams (17), and the most experience teaching GAMSAT courses in Adelaide. The best GAMSAT preparation courses in South Australia just got better!

Gold Standard GAMSAT Facebook student review
  • N
    • Nimmi Carlose

    "Excellent preparation materials including the book, videos, and practice exams…Thanks so much for all the effort you put in. Well worth investing in."

  • I
    • Isha Sharma

    "I just received my GAMSAT results and I'm over the moon with the results! I certainly would not have been able to do it without your help!"

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Gold Standard GAMSAT Google student review
  • N

    "Gold standard was a great help - particularly their live course with Dr Ferdinand who was very interactive, experienced and knowledgeable, acer YouTube solutions and multiple practice exams... Also really appreciated that they always go to the effort of running mock exams, live classes etc for Adelaide cohort even though it can sometimes be much smaller than other states! Great and very reasonable company to deal with!"

  • B
    • Brad Williamson

    "I must say Dr Ferdinand and the Gold Standard team have been an invaluable resource. These resources have made the seemingly impossible quite possible and I cannot thank you enough; the textbooks, videos and these endless hours of youtube content have been a Godsend. Thank you so much!"

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Masters Series GAMSAT : Let`s Learn, Revise, and then Practice to Get a Higher Score!

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